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Applications in sectors                         

LSI is used on every continent, in many different cultures and sectors. The following are some examples of applications in specific sectors:


  • The complete redesign of a product line in sixteen hours: from raw materials to the showroom floor, using Future Search; read more
  • Strategy development involving clients and suppliers
  • Integration of cultures following a merger of any size
  • Addressing quality, safety and productivity issues in manufacturing industry
  • Whole Scale Change of a chemical company into an organisation which is able to constantly adapt itself and which focuses on delivering value to clients


  • Development of new arrangements for fringe benefits with water board De Dommel; read more (Dutch)
  • Meeting housing needs in the community of Santa Cruz, California; read more

Development cooperation

  • Formulation of new policies for capacity development, using Open Space
  • Identification and formulation of projects and programmes
  • Search for a vision and planning for the future of the children of southern Sudan, sponsored by Unicef; read more


  • After the civil war in El Salvador, Open Space was used to invite the former opponents to work out plans together for rebuilding communities
  • Planning innovation of economic activity in a region with high unemployment together with schools, business parties and governmental agencies to boost employment opportunities for young people
  • Planning for the renewal of a city centre together with all stakeholders
  • Strengthening partnerships among agencies


  • Solving problems in a comprehensive school by involving stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, council, neighbourhood)
  • Developing a vision and strategic planning together after schools have been merged
  • Realising social work placements for students
  • Finding strategies to use training experience in practical work situations in a Search Conference


  • Improving collaboration between teams and task force groups within a district
  • Planning the renovation of a hospital: design, logistics, planning, design of working procedures
  • Coordinating the aid of "multi-problem" families


  • Training consultants in organising and facilitating an LSI process for strategy and vision development with clients
  • Empowering the network of the Society for Organisational Learning Netherlands (SoL Neth) using Open Space

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