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LSI creates capacity for change   

               "LSI enables people to use their creative powers to their fullest potential."

LSI enables organisations and communities to learn more about themselves from every perspective. Bringing the "whole system" into the room makes feasible a shared encounter with aspects of reality that we normally avoid: chaos, complexity, uncertainty. The key word is "shared". When we explore common ground with others, we release creative energy leading to projects that none of us could do alone. People simultaneously discover mutual values, innovative ideas, commitment and support.

There is no best way to effect change. The success of an approach depends on the circumstances and the nature of a problem or issue. A change strategy must be carefully selected. LSI is a participative, co-creative approach for change. LSI is for people who want to use their creative powers to the fullest. It facilitates ownership and a capacity for change in an organisation or community, as opposed to tell, sell or test approaches. See also When LSI

Figure of Paul Miller and Martin Leith, based on a model of Bryan Smith,
edited by Tonnie van der Zouwen


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