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Dr. Tonnie van der Zouwen MCM (1956)

Since 2002 I have worked as an independent consultant, operating from a network of colleagues. I support organisations and communities of professionals in change processes, in order to develop individual and collective abilities with the goal of increasing effectiveness. In these processes my role ranges from that of a consultant, facilitator, coach and trainer to researcher. The Creation of new connections by matching people with ideas, participative change methods and new methods for putting theory into practice are all part of my approach. My services include interactive processes and products, such as the LSI-training, building informative websites like this one, and organising conferences for professionals. See also

What is my story? After finishing my degree in Ecology at Utrecht University, I wanted to work as a researcher. However, the environment was not yet a hot item, and there were very few jobs in that field. So I became a biology teacher at an agricultural school. I learned a lot from my colleagues, from working with groups and how to organise and give effective lessons.

In 1990 I switched to environmental consultancy. At first with a regional engineering firm, later with multinational organizations. My first projects as a consultant were assignments from environmental government departments: quality management, research and development of environmental legislation, investigations and environmental audits. In those days I made an evaluation of the perceptions of environmental rules for Small and Medium Enterprises. Confronted with the ambiguity of perceptions with the parties involved, I felt the restrictions of my position as an expert. Why did the implementation of the solid designed strategies and programmes often fail in practice? After an initial period of three years, I decided to follow the Master of Change management course at Sioo (a leading institute in the Netherlands for research and learning routes on consultancy). I dived deeply into world views, change strategies, and learned to work with participative methods like Large Scale Interventions. In doing action research I rediscovered my passion for research and writing.

In March 2011 I finished my PhD research on the sustainable effects of LSI, at the Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

I am a member of the Society for Organisational Learning, the Future Search Network, the Open Space Network, the Dutch Association of Consultants Ooa, and the Academy of Management.

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