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Why Large Scale Interventions?                

"Tell us and we will forget, show us and we may remember, 
involve us and we understand together"
variation on quote by Confucius -

Large Scale Interventions and conference methods like Open Space, Future Search and Real Time Strategic Change probably will be common in about ten years from now. Because leaders and managers today want faster answers and actions. They also know that members of an organisation or community want to be heard and want to contribute to changes out of a feeling of "ownership". That requires involvement of those members and their ideas and change in real time.

The Large Scale Interventions (LSI) approach for change meets those needs, because it involves stakeholders in the processes of change and development. In our experience, many people are enthusiastic about this approach. So we enjoy contributing to the use and knowledge of LSI by providing a practitioner training for consultants, facilitators, trainers and managers, but also with this website which provides information. Furthermore, we offer support in the design and implementation of an LSI-process in organisations and communities.




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