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From management to leadership            

Even though most change programmes are carefully planned, often with the help of experienced consultants, between 70% and 90% of them fail to achieve the desired results. Because sustainable strategic change needs other forms of leadership than conventional management. The greatest challenge for leaders in any change is in striking the right balance between clear direction and inviting active participation. LSI provides opportunities to find this balance in interaction, by inviting self-management and personal responsibility for action during and after the LSI-process.

Management compared to Leadership:



Change model is based on demand and control

Change model is based on participation and self- organisation

Change is imposed and directed by senior management

Co-creation of change

Stakeholder involvement is limited, awareness of current reality is limited

Broad-based involvement of stakeholders, providing a varied perspective and comprehensive awareness of current reality

Focus on identifying and solving problems

Focus on seeing and realising future possibilities

Vision is shaped by an elite group of experts and senior management, with linear thinking

The entire organisation is involved in shaping the vision, in a cyclical process, using system thinking in a broad context

Planning and implementation are sequential Simultaneous planning and implementation
Communication through messages Communication through conversations

Source: Leith Guide to Large Group Intervention Methods,
2004 by Martin Leith



Practical guide LSI

Building an evidence based practical guide to Large Scale Interventions: Towards sustainable organisational change with the whole system

Building an evidence based practical guide to Large Scale Interventions. Towards sustainable organisational change with the whole system

by Tonnie van der Zouwen.

A practical guide for effective use of LSI, based on 6 years of academic social research

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