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A Large Scale Intervention consists of a sequence of meetings of small and large groups, see the example in this figure:


Depending on the circumstances, the client and facilitator or design team choose one or more LGI-methods, see design. The following are the selection criteria for selection:

  • Objective of the intervention
  • Power structure: to what degree is it possible for stakeholders to co-create with each other?
  • Number of participants that are to be involved
  • Preparation time
  • Overall time required for the process
  • Possible input of advisers and experts
  • Willingness to implement a given format
  • Duration of an event/availability of time

Other meetings and/or events may be organised around the time of the intervention. We advise that you design the intervention in such a way that changes and adaptations can be introduced easily. Points of focus are:

  • Relationship with management and the practical reality of management
  • Do not promise more than what can be accomplished within the available time
  • Space in order to adjust the design during the course of the intervention

See further: Design



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