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Leaders are best when people scarcely know they exist, not so good when people obey and acclaim them, worst when people despise them. Fail to honor people, they fail to honor you. But of good leaders who talk little, when their work is done, their aim fulfilled, the people will say: "We did this ourselves". - Lao Tse -

During a Large Scale Intervention managers and formal leaders are (in principle) the ones who are qualified to take decisions. However, the point of departure is that they are willing to work with all the input from the “system”. The responsibility for actions and results rests with the participants themselves (of whom the leaders are a part), each one on the basis of his or her role in the system. It is important that management defines the place clearly that the various groups of stakeholders have in the decision taking process. The role of management is:

  • To show that they support the principles of LSI, for example by opening or closing a Large Group Intervention
  • To indicate clearly what their thoughts are on the changes they consider necessary
  • To participate actively in a LGI assuming their role, as part of real time change
  • To formulate powerful questions for the intervention, possibly together with the preparation team and facilitator
  • To dedicate time, energy, and significant organisational resources

 What makes a question powerful? Juanita Brown et al. wrote an interesting guide on powerful questions: The art of powerful questions (download, PDF 285 kb). What makes a question powerful is

source:, Café to go

What does an interactive Large Group conference look, sound and feel like? What are the typical outcomes of working in this way? What does it mean for me as a leader? Will I not be exposed to difficult and embarrassing conflicts? How much time do I need to invest?

Vista answers these questions in a short article Interactive Large Group Conferencing - a leaders perspective (download pdf 79 kb). Source: Vista Consulting Team,



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