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Owen, Harrison 2002 The practice of peace; transformation and leadership Leadership, transformation.
Open Space

download overheads (pdf 6 Mb)

Brilliant presentation, in form (humour) and message, about dealing with transformation. For ourselves, our organisations and our world.
Using Open Space for transformations. 
Schein, Edgar H. 1995 Kurt Lewin's change theory in the field and in the classroom: notes toward a model of managed learning Change theory, action learning  

download article here (doc 106 kb)

Design of a learning route, change theory in practice

Bell, Mike


Future Search: Seeking a conceptual Framework

Future Search, facilitating principles

internet, download

(pdf 46 kb)

Principles of FS, role of the facilitator

Zouwen, Tonnie van der & Viergever, Ruud


MT in de fishbowl

LGI Methods, RTSC

Journal Het Waterschap, 7 febr. 2003
download  (pdf 469 kb)

Principles of RTSC, example of a design

Brown, Juanita & Isaacs, David & Margulies, Nancy


Strategic Questioning: engaging people's best thinking


Journal Systems Thinker, vol 13 no 9 nov. 2002

How to formulate strategic questions for LSI events

Brown, Juanita & Isaacs, David & the world café community


The World Café: living knowledge through conversations that matter

The World Café

Journal Systems Thinker, vol 12 no. 5 june/july 2001

Principles and procedure World Café

The World Café Community Foundation 2002 Café to go; a quick reference guide to put conversations to work The World Café , download
(590 kb)
How to organise a World Café
The World Café Community Foundation 2008 The World Café, Social Innovation in Action; an Overview and Invitation The World Café, download
(1,9 Mb)
Perpectus of the Wolrd Café; principles, process and examples

Margulies, Nancy


A few Café recipes

The World Café

internet, download (pdf 34 kb)

How to organise a World Café for specific purposes

Brown, Juanita & Isaacs, David


Conversation as a core business process


Journal Systems Thinker vol 7 no 10, dec. 1996/ jan. 1997

How organisations are made of conversations

Vogt, Eric E. & Brown, Juanita & Isaacs, David 2003 The art of powerful questions Principles www.theworldcafe.cokm
download article
(pdf 285 kb)
Guide with 18 pages on how to formulate powerful questions; background information about effects in various situations
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