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The children of Southern Sudan

video about two Future Search confernces, a project of the United Nations Childrens Fund; a touching story of hope for the future

Future Search

view here

Discovering community in the Santa Cruz housing area; video of the Future Search Network, about a Future Search traject on affordable houses in the Santa Cruz region of California; the method of the Future Search is well pictured
Future Search

view here

US West Open Space DvD with a rather concise  story about working with Open Space in reinventing processes in a telecom company
Open Space

Cyclus of Change, a quiet revolution in Haiti

Fascinating DvD about a grassroots movement that is transforming notions and practices in education and leadership in Haiti and beyond, throug Open Space and Reflection Circles.

Open Space

Reflection Circles
Instruments     Bron
Toolbox choosing a Large Group Intervention method,
mindmap with overview and charts with a summary of characteristics, applications and conditions for success
(pdf 1,53 MB)
Photo show of the worlds hugest Open Space, Wurzberg 2005. Very good impression of the steps in the process. download
(ppt 4,36 MB)
Erich Kolenaty
PowerPoint presentation Open Space during the SoL Dutch Open 2004 download
(ppt 3,28 MB)






Software for brainstorming, mindmapping; free 30-day free trial version direct download


Concept Draw Mindmapping

Software for brainstorming, mindmapping; free 30-days trial version direct  download, more possibilities than Inspiration.

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