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In-company learning routes                    

We believe that similar to an event in a Large Scale Intervention, training activities cannot stand on their own. Learning only becomes effective when it is integrated into daily practice. Therefore, we offer a learning route that connects  directly to the practical reality of your work.

In this learning route facilitators, consultants, managers and professionals can apply LSI methodology immediately in their current or future assignments. So the company, organisation or community benefits directly from the learning route.

  • Development cooperation
  • Business
  • Government
  • Civil society building
  • Education
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Consultancy

World Café

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Tonnie: “In early 2005 a learning route was started for educational advisers of CPS (a Dutch NGO in the educational field). They assist the education sector in the Netherlands in many ways. We started with fourteen advisers of different departments in a two-day learning workshop. Their assignment was to develop effective methods for vision and strategy development for schools and collaborative networks of schools. After the workshop several LSI-pilots were also started: One at a school that wants to involve parents and environment in its future; another whose objective was to involve teachers and students in curriculum development; and a third one to increase the effectiveness of the cooperation between schools and institutions where students could spend their training period. Also several advisers organised a World Café or another Large Group Intervention. During the learning route we also organised a World Café. One of the participants said, 'We should do this more often. We know each other, but we never take the time to talk about our worries and how we see the future of our work'".

During evaluation days we discuss the experiences, questions and follow up possibilities. Also during the whole process we provide our support whenever needed”.




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