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Outline learning route effective use of LSI              

The best cooks cook with the principles, not with the recipes (Master cook Auguste Escoffier)

The objective of the learning route is to learn how to organise and facilitate LSI in your own daily practice.

You will learn how to cook with the principles of LSI, and how to focus on the larger change process, beyond specific Large Group Interventions methods. We will use elements of well-known Large Group Intervention methods such as Future Search, Open Space, World Café and Real Time Strategic Change.

You will get insights, guidelines and tools for:

  •  Assessment of preconditions before the LSI

  • Effective design and facilitation during the LSI

  • Systematic evaluation of effects from follow-up actions after the LSI.

The learning route is offered as an  in-company training. Together with you, the design as well as the contents of the learning route will be adjusted to your specific goals and needs.

We directly apply the principles of LSI as much as possible in our learning route:

  • Past, present and future of the reality of one’s work are connected with each other
  • A broad range of capabilities will be addressed, allowing for spontaneity and creativity
  • Action learning: learning by doing together instead of talking about it
  • Increased reflection
  • Striving for change in the here and now
  • Flexibility in design and implementation
  • Space for cultural differences

An example of a training:

  1. Preparation, reflection on experiences and expectations
  2. A three day training workshop
  3. Working on follow up activities in your own working practice, e.g. choosing an LSI pilot project or to organise a Large Group Intervention as part of an ongoing change process
  4. Devoting a half day to discussing the follow-up activities, about two months after the workshop (planning in consultation with the participants)
  5. Working on specific pilot/follow up activities for each participant (not included in workshop fee)

We can also help you organise and facilitate a Large Scale Intervention process in your own company, organisation or community, if you think someone with more years of experience is required. See Support.





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